Atollo Backup is the solution for those who need to backup their data in a safe storage and manage them in a few clicks.

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Complete Ransomware Protection

The safest way to protect yourself and recover critical data after a Cryptovirus or Ransomware virus attack is to restore the system from a recent Backup. Thanks to the two-factor authentication feature, hackers cannot access the backup software after compromising computers or servers. Therefore, already after the first backup with Atollo backup in our cloud data centers, no virus or malicious attack can threaten you anymore.

All the advantages of Atollo Backup!

Atollo Backup is the solution for those who need to backup their data in a safe storage and manage them in a few clicks.

Easy to use

The first setup is configurated by our technician via remote assistance, at no additional costs. No activation fee. 30 days free trial. If the service is not up to your satisfaction, you can unsubscrib with no penalty. Why wait, test us out!


Backup online is guarantee to respect laws and regulation, and the lastest safety protocols. Client's data are encrypted before being uploaded to our datacenter, the encryption used is the same used by banks, with a 256 bit key! Only whom who have the password will be able to recover the saved data.


Thanks to the data compression system, the storage space is worth more. Agents for database and mail server backups are included free of charge. Low costs and tailored solutions for every need. Atollo backup is flexible, adapting in so many ways to each company's reality.


due to the use of redundant structures, and the system architecture that relies on replicated storage, data is always saved in at least two separate storage locations.

Not only Cloud

Only Atollo Backup saves your data both remotely and in your local environment! In addition to remote backup we provide you with storage on loan at your premises, already configured and ready to use. Disaster recovery is thus always at your fingertips.

Restoration always just a click away

From any PC or by connecting to the web you can choose files and start the restore. If, on the other hand, you need an immediate restore of large volumes of data, we can send you the entire restore via a hard drive, securely and quickly (of course, the contents are always encrypted).


How does it works?

Atollo Backup saves your Notebook, Desktop or Server data using simple and intuitive software that is compatible with all operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Sun and Netware.

  • Atollo Backup software must be installed at the computer with the data to be backed up or within the company's local network.
  • Remote backup leverages the Internet connection to transfer selected data to the remote server at a secure data center preferably during nighttime hours, taking advantage of times of maximum availability of your Internet connection
  • The Technology also contains SSL compression, optimization and encryption features that enable the fastest transmission and secure storage. The customer can also choose the mixed backup solution, with local (on-site) backup combined with remote (off-site) backup. In that case, local storage will be offered on loan for use.
  • On other hand, the entire technology structure of Atollo Backup can be installed at the customer's premises and managed by the customer or with our help

Our Backup Products

Our Backup packages are designed to allow you to customize the service tailored to your data, your employees and your business.

Professional Cloud Backup

Our Cloud Backup solution suitable for both professionals and companies of all sizes: all datacenters used are on European servers, certified and GDPR compliant

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Advanced Cloud Backup

With our Advanced Cloud Backup package, you can secure not only your operators' computer workstations, but also servers and complex databases

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Cloud NAS Backup

Save data from your Qnap / Synology NAS workstations directly to the cloud with dedicated software proven for this purpose./p>

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Cloud VM Backup

Our VM-Ware and Hyper-V virtual machine backup solution protects against human error, natural occurrence, or Ransomware and Cryptolocker virus infections.

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Office365 Cloud Backup

More and more companies are moving to the cloud, and the usage of Office365 Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive is on the rise. Our backup solution gives you absolute peace of mind by creating a backup copy of your files, allowing you to retrieve them at any time.

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Back up your favorite apps.

We have created integrations with some of your favorite services. Take a look at them below

Microsoft Windows

Windows Operating System

Apple MacOS

MacOS Operating System


Open source Operating System

Sinology / QNAP

Backup NAS devices


MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, MSExchange

VMware, Hyper-V

Backup virtual machine

Microsoft 365

Outlook, Onedrive, Sharepoint, Teams

Mobile data

Backup Android and iOS

Solutions and technical data

Atollo Backup is available in three different formulas, always designed to best meet your needs.


starting from


/ month

500GB included storage space

  • Data compression for greater efficiency
  • Encryption of data in transmission, data encryption
  • Execution of external commands pre/post Backup
  • Configure saved file versions (Versioning)
  • Email support
  • Remote installation support by one of our operators
  • Intervention of any kind on-site (for a fee)
  • Incremental Data Backup
  • Backup by number of PC (1)
  • MAC/PC/WIN file system data backup.
  • Data recovery via WEB or from local client
  • Backup outcome report via email
  • Management via Internet browser
  • Backup in safe and compliant european datacenters
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Starting from


/ month

1TB starting storage space

  • All the features of the professional plan
  • Continuous data protection
  • Advanced support and advice even over the phone
  • Backup included 1 server / PC /  NAS (  5 euro each extra) 
  • Multiple Backup
  • Optional backup on local devices
  • Multiple backup schedules within 24 hours
  • MWARE Virtual Server Backup
  • SQL, MySQL, Oracle / Server exchange or Lotus database backups
  • Data restore from web or local client
  • Backup office 365 (optional service pack sold separately)
  • Backup NAS (optional service pack sold separately)
  • Configure saved file versions (Versioning)
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a partire da


/ mese

A partire da 1TB di spazio storage

  • all Business plan feature included
  • Daily backup monitoring from our technician
  • Fast support with high priority ticket system
  • Backup per up to 4 server included
  • backup per up to 4 VM included
  • Backup for up to 1 NAS device included
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